Sunday, October 18, 2009

Really !!!!!

Arrow speed (downrange): 65.77 m/s -- 215.78 fps 

Time to reach 18 meters: 0.26 sec 
Time to reach 30 meters: 0.45 sec 

I calculated the following sight marks (relative to 18.0 m sightmark): 
for 18 meters, move sight pin 0.00 cm up (time in flight = 0.26 sec) 
for 30 meters, move sight pin 1.35 cm down (time in flight = 0.45 sec) 
for 50 meters, move sight pin 3.61 cm down (time in flight = 0.75 sec) 
for 70 meters, move sight pin 5.89 cm down (time in flight = 1.06 sec) 
for 90 meters, move sight pin 8.19 cm down (time in flight = 1.36 sec) 

Detailed sight mark table, relative to 18.0 m sightmark:
DistanceSight pin offsetLaunch angleTime in flight
10m0.90 cm up0.56 degrees0.14 sec
15m0.34 cm up0.88 degrees0.22 sec
20m0.22 cm down1.21 degrees0.29 sec
25m0.79 cm down1.53 degrees0.37 sec
30m1.35 cm down1.86 degrees0.45 sec
35m1.91 cm down2.18 degrees0.52 sec
40m2.48 cm down2.51 degrees0.60 sec
45m3.04 cm down2.84 degrees0.67 sec
50m3.61 cm down3.16 degrees0.75 sec
55m4.18 cm down3.49 degrees0.83 sec
60m4.74 cm down3.82 degrees0.90 sec
65m5.31 cm down4.15 degrees0.98 sec
70m5.89 cm down4.47 degrees1.06 sec
75m6.46 cm down4.80 degrees1.13 sec
80m7.03 cm down5.13 degrees1.21 sec
85m7.61 cm down5.46 degrees1.29 sec
90m8.19 cm down5.80 degrees1.36 sec
95m8.77 cm down6.13 degrees1.44 sec
100m9.35 cm down6.46 degrees1.52 sec

Detailed yard sight mark table, relative to 18.0 m sightmark:
DistanceSight pin offsetLaunch angleTime in flight
10yd0.39 inches up0.51 degrees0.13 sec
15yd0.19 inches up0.80 degrees0.20 sec
20yd0.01 inches down1.10 degrees0.27 sec
25yd0.22 inches down1.39 degrees0.34 sec
30yd0.42 inches down1.69 degrees0.41 sec
35yd0.62 inches down1.99 degrees0.48 sec
40yd0.82 inches down2.29 degrees0.55 sec
45yd1.03 inches down2.59 degrees0.62 sec
50yd1.23 inches down2.88 degrees0.69 sec
55yd1.43 inches down3.18 degrees0.76 sec
60yd1.64 inches down3.48 degrees0.82 sec
65yd1.84 inches down3.78 degrees0.89 sec
70yd2.05 inches down4.08 degrees0.96 sec
75yd2.25 inches down4.38 degrees1.04 sec
80yd2.46 inches down4.68 degrees1.11 sec
85yd2.67 inches down4.98 degrees1.18 sec
90yd2.87 inches down5.29 degrees1.25 sec
95yd3.08 inches down5.59 degrees1.32 sec
100yd3.29 inches down5.89 degrees1.39 sec

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