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Super September Week 2

Wonder if I can stick to this plan this week.

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#ZenVeda 19

It's National Aviation Day. Tell us about an interesting experience you had on a plane. 
Hi it’s me again and this is my contribution for August 19th and for National Aviation day I’ll tell you about an interesting experience I had on a plane.  Back in the old days when I was young and restless some friends and I decided to try sky diving.  We rode out to the airfield on our motorcycles.  After a 3 hour ground school and some practice jumps out of an old grounded Cessna we climbed aboard the real thing.  The pilot and jump master gave us another briefing on where to sit and how to move about the cabin so as not to push anyone out the door prematurely.  The engine was started and we taxied down the runway.  the engine roared and as we soared up off the runway we drowned out the sound of the engine with our shouts and hollers and yahoo’s .  The jump master asked what was going on and we told him this was our first flight.  

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Zv11 #zenveda

Hello Zenveda and KESveda Vloggers.  This is Keith from ROTWSOTR and this is my contribution for August 11 2015.

Let me begin by apologizing for being out of touch for the last several days.  I could explain how I was on Vancouver Island at a quiet provincial park enjoying roughing it with my family.  How I did have cellular connectivity but without a data plan the cost of uploading my submissions was beyond my budget. How I was loathe to abandon the family and to create my videos.  But those are all excuses and in my experience a sincere apology is worth more than a hat full of excuses.  So let me apologize and move on to today’s topic.  
What are you afraid of ? 
What are you doing to avoid what you are afraid of? 
What are you dong to face your fears? 

What am I personally afraid of?  On the surface, not much.  I ride motorcycles, ski, snowboard, SCUBA dive. I do late night long runs through boar infested forests alone as part of my evening commute.  
 I have even tried skydiving, jumping out of an airplane on my first ever flight. Then I did it again to prove it wasn’t a fluke.  Exhilerating activities but not really anything to be afraid of since the risks are well known and most can be reduced with common sense and due care and attention.  

What I am really afraid of is I suppose what everyone is afraid of.  The Unknown…. The imposing “what if…”  The "If tomorrow never comes.”  Will my family be provided for?   

I avoid this fear by living in the present and never thinking about "what if”.  

The way I am confronting my fears is by opening dialogs with my family about the big topics. Insurance, funerals plans, estate management, RRSP’s RESP’s CPP’s TFSA’s and hundreds of other acronym’s that scare the tar out of me.  But you know what, once you start talking about those things its kind of fun. Maybe its nothing to be afraid of after all.  

Thanks for bearing with me,  

See you again soon, 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3 submission to #zenveda

Hello Zenveda and KESveda vloggers. Once again I am making my submission at the  last minute.  I'll recap my training today and offer a simple idea I had to keep my group involved in my training day while allowing for  their varying levels of fitness/ interest.

Today I was joined by one  runner who prefers to train by PRE or Perceived Rate of Exertion. One less fit runner without a training goal and a walker with a mild injury.
My planned workout consisted of  a  warm-up of lunges followed by 20 minutes of easy walking. An exertion phase of 25 min running at my Target heart rate zone of 125-135 bpm and a cool down walk of 15 minutes totaling a total workout time of 1 hour. 
We started with about ten minutes of reflection/meditation after Which I asked the group to walk with me to a trail around a local wetland bird sanctuary where we started jogging. The trail is flat, away from traffic and offers some chance to see wildlife. I'll take you their tomorrow and show you around if you like. 

Anyways, we decided that we would continue at our own paces around the park for 10 min. And then about face and retrace our steps for 15 min after which we would  begin the 15 min cool-down walk.

We all arrived back at the start together inspire of our varying paces.  I'm looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. 
Thanks for watching and please do feel free to stop by at Running on the wrong side of the road dot blog spot dot com and say hey.

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Zenveda for August 2 2015

Who cares?

A few days ago while walking through downtown on the way to a summer festival with my family we spotted a young man of about 25 having a hard time making it across the street. By the time the signals changed he had reached the curb but couldn't quite lift his feet high enough to clear it. As traffic approached he stumbled backwards as my brother and I reached for him. We got ahold of him and helped him to lie down in the sidewalk. By this point he was convulsing and his breathing was erratic. His eyes were closed and he was unresponsive. My brother supported his head while I held his legs as the convulsions subsided. We then rolled him into the recovery position in case he decided to vomit. My brother asked another bystander to call 911.  Now part of our impromptu first response team she became our liaison with the dispatch officer. We stayed with the man for about 30 min. waiting for an ambulance to arrive. While we were waiting a student nurse on the way from her 12 hour shift at a nearby hospital stopped to help. Eventually the police arrived and somewhat reluctantly took charge relievied us. If I had to guess I'd say more than half the people who passed offered help or inquired about whether An ambulance was en route. 
If you ask me now "who cares?" I can answer. The people of Vancouver do.  My brother does. I do. 
Do you care? 
Have you ever assisted a stranger?  Have you had first aid training?

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Month of MAF

I've decided to follow the advice of Dr. Maffetone and dedicate the next 4 weeks or so of my training to MAF training.

In a nut shell here is the formula used for determining the proper HR range to exercise in for Maximum Aerobic Function.
180 – age = Maximum Aerobic heart rate -10 if recovering from major illness -5 if not exercised before, exercised irregularly, has ongoing injuries, or overtrained As is if exercising regularly (4 times weekly) for up to two years without problems +5 if competitive athlete training for more than two years without problems, and have made progress in competition. 
However Dr. Maffetone's method is far more comprehensive than just training zones.
Good food, good rest, good music, good love.  It all sounds like a good idea to me.
My first MAF test
 FEBRUARY 6, 2015 @ 07:59 8km Av pace 7:14/km on a track at 6.1°C

Since the test I have been doing all of my training runs in the MAF zone or lower and trying to also stay off flat terrain.  I suppose I should do my second MAF test on 3/6 at the same track just to keep things equal.
I wonder how long I will need to continue before I see results?
Have you tried the MAF method?