Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Month of MAF

I've decided to follow the advice of Dr. Maffetone and dedicate the next 4 weeks or so of my training to MAF training.

In a nut shell here is the formula used for determining the proper HR range to exercise in for Maximum Aerobic Function.
180 – age = Maximum Aerobic heart rate -10 if recovering from major illness -5 if not exercised before, exercised irregularly, has ongoing injuries, or overtrained As is if exercising regularly (4 times weekly) for up to two years without problems +5 if competitive athlete training for more than two years without problems, and have made progress in competition. 
However Dr. Maffetone's method is far more comprehensive than just training zones.
Good food, good rest, good music, good love.  It all sounds like a good idea to me.
My first MAF test
 FEBRUARY 6, 2015 @ 07:59 8km Av pace 7:14/km on a track at 6.1°C

Since the test I have been doing all of my training runs in the MAF zone or lower and trying to also stay off flat terrain.  I suppose I should do my second MAF test on 3/6 at the same track just to keep things equal.
I wonder how long I will need to continue before I see results?
Have you tried the MAF method?

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