Monday, December 28, 2009

Running the mountain roads

I am staying at the hotel Associa in Takayama with my family this weekend. I just couldn't face the disappointment of missing another run so I slipped my running gear in the car with out anyone noticing. Right after we checked in I threw on my training clothes and said "see ya"! to the girls. It wasn't untill I got out the door that I remembered the hotel is about 3km up a big hill on the way a bigger hill. Whatever direction I took I was going to be running a hill. I was scheduled to run 60 minutes but since I was trying out my new Nike Free 5.0's (thank you Santa ) I thought I would start with 15 min. out and see how I felt about it. After that I just kept adding 5 more minutes untill I got up to 45 min. Quite a surprise as I figured the hills would kill me. Actully they did. I had to slow down and my over all average pace was in the mid 7's or about 1 minute slower per km than I usually run. The new shoes are very different and really point out how much I still heel strike. I've been trying to follow the chirunning principles and thought I had a good mid foot strike going. That's what they are supposed to do for you though. Teach you to run like you are bare foot.

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