Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It was a good first week full of friends, family, running and skiing.

The First Week of 2013
  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed waking up before dawn and climbing Hatobuki Mountain to watch the sunrise. Together with some relatives and about half the population of this little town I live in we welcomed the year of the snake.  I can't even remember the last time we climbed that hill together but I look forward to doing it many more times.   As if that wasn't enough exercise, Nathaniel from GIFU runners called me up and we did an easy (for him) 10k that included a stop at the shinto shrine Shirahige Jinja, where we clapped our hands and bowed our heads and threw a little money in the hopper.  After lunch and a shower it was off to a temple called Narita San for another Hatsumode.

On the fourth the whole family went skiing at Arkopia resort in Takayama.  A great family ski hill about 2 hours from home.
  • Logged 47 km and feel like I am on my way to getting back to running the way I want to.  

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