Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Minokamo Showa Mura 1/2 2013

Minokamo Showa Mura 1/2 2013 by k_brown at Garmin Connect - 

Back to normal this week.  Kate was back to school and all was well in the world until Klaire started throwing up Thursday. I started feeling a bit crappy on Friday and by Saturday afternoon was afraid I was going to have to scratch the Minokamo Showa Mura 1/2  but by Saturday night I was feeling much better.  Then on Saturday night we got a call from grandma's house where Kate staying with her cousin for the weekend.  Of course Kate was not feeling well so I picked her up, brought her home and resigned myself to staying home to help Kaz with the kids but Kaz woke me up in time to make it to the race and shoved me out the door so not only did I manage to avoid the worst of whatever it was the girls got but I also got my 4 runs in including my third go at the Show Mura 1/2 marathon.

  My friend Nick has a great YouTube channel about his running life in Japan. He posted this bit about the race  I'm not as techy as he is so I leave all the hard work to him.

I finished the race in 2:16:xx which is down from last years of 1:59:xx.  I have my reasons though.  
Tawnee Prazak and Lucho  at gave me solid advice about how to run this race in this episode of ask the ultra runner 

Basically they said don't race it. More specifically Lucho told me that with only a month since my marathon the Showa Mura event had the potential to hurt me more than help me and suggested I split it into thirds running each third at a progressively higher heart rate.  Zone2, Zone3, Zone4.  Great in theory but difficult in practice.  The Showa course has a lot of long hills and staying in the prescribed zones often meant walking.


Sure hope  +Tawnee Prazak and Lucho see this and have some comments for me.  

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