Monday, February 16, 2009

Cupid was an archer right?

So it's the day after Valentines Day here. I have to tell you that V day here is very different from back home. Do you remember in Elementary school where you made a heart shaped envelope and put your name on it at the front of the class and anyone could slip you a Valentines card with out anyone else spotting them at it? Well that's how I remember it in grades k-4 anyhow. I can remember getting and giving little notes with "will you be my valentine?" on them from both boys and girls and it was ok because it just meant "let's be friends". Cute.
Now that I'm here in Japan I, as a man have no obligation to hand out chocolates or cards or anything for Valentines Day. Girls on the other hand are obliged to pass out treats to the guys and lots of girls spend the days before Val Day making truffles or cookies to pass out on the big day. As a teacher I have been the lucky recipient of "tons" of sweets in the past years. This year however my students weren't quite as generous as in the past. Blame the economy or the fact that the 14th was a Saturday this year I guess. I got a few but the sweetest were from my wife and my daughter. Thank you girls.
Since I'm a romantic I took the chance to take my two best girls to a fancy french restaurant. What a great date. Good food, good wine, and a quiet smoke free dinner with two beautiful young ladies.

Today I didn't get to shoot again but I spent some time refletching my arrows. I'm going to try the new aluminum again with 2 degs. of right offset. That ought to get them really spinning.

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