Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun with tuning.

So before Christmas I went through a period of questioning my form and setup. I decided to buy some new limbs in a lighter weight and longer length. The limbs I was using were Everest Pro Medium size 38#. I was doing ok with them untill the summer when I went home and didn't train for 3 weeks straight. When I got back I was not pleased. Since my 38# EP's were set to thier absolute lightest setting I didn't have any lee way in tuning my bow to my arrows. And I was still holding 42# on my fingers. So I reasoned that buying some lighter limbs would give me some more adjustablity. I found a set of Long 36# EP's. Now once I got those lighter limbs I found I could draw a bit further and have my elbow in-line with the arrow. Also the longer limbs are lighter on the fingers since the string angle is larger at full draw. I shot a PB of 528 indoors with them. Since I added an inch and a bit to my draw my draw weight increased and I am back at 42.8#'s. I don't feel that this is an unrealistic weight for me but I've been advised by some people on line to get some light limbs to help me re-build my form from the ground up. I got a set of Samick Mizar 30# Longs from a friend and bought 6 PP xx75 1816's. I stuck some BIG vanes on 3 of them and left 3 bare. Then it was of to the range to "tune-up". first shots were low and left so I adjusted my elevation. Then loosened the plunger untill I got them hitting the gold at 18m. Then I tried the bare shafts so I oculd set the nocking point. I wrapped the bare shafts with tape to make the weight of the bare and fletched equal. At 18m they were hitting fairly close so I thought I'll try them at 30m. Wow!! what a shock! The F.S. grouped really well at 30m but the bareshafts cruised out about half way to the target looking good and then woooosh the suckers looked like they hit a cross wind and sailed up and right to land 5 feet above the target!! Within 5 inches of each other but WAY off target.
Seems I put twice as much tape as I needed so instead of balancing them with 15 grains of tape to egual the vanes. I had 30 grains on them. Tomorrow I'm going to see how this little experiment works with half that on the end.

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