Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Inspired by my Korean archery "blog pal" I have decided that I am going to take my training to the next level. Now that I have some arrows and a lighter weight bow I can start. Well actually I started today. I shot 150 arrows at 18m and a couple more at 30m this morning. I went to the range with that goal in mind but I was doubtful that I could do it in the 2 hours I had. To save time, I shot ends of 14 arrows including the bareshafts. I tried to keep my pace to under 10 seconds per arrow counting from the time I put my tab on the string to release. I didn't think it was practical to count from the time I drew an arrow from my quiver. Just wanted to keep a pace without stressing myself.
I have two sets of arrows that are compatible with the 30# limbs. Redline 690's and Platinum Plus 1816's. Well the PP's will work better once I cut 1/2" off them. Now If I keep this pace of 150 arrows a day for a week I think I'll have a good start to building my form and getting my bow arm in shape. There is a FITA 18m event in Yokaichi on the 8th of March but there is also a beginners taiken class at my club on the same weekend. Not sure what I should do.

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