Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday again

No pictures and no Video this time. but I'm feeling pretty good. I didn't get to shoot this afternoon because it was POURING rain. That means I was in far less of a rush today and I could do a better job with my classes. That made me feel more relaxed after work which meant when I got to the range in the evening I was mellow. I did so much better than on Monday and the coach said I seemed to have more energy. Last monday I managed to the top limb on the bottom and the bottom on the top. With some limbs that doesn't matter because they are identical. With lower end limbs though they have broader tolerances and they put them together in matched sets with the upper and lower limbs marked as such. A bow, when set up properly should have the lower limb set slightly stronger. If you have the lower limb on the top this makes the set up even or perhaps the top limb will be stronger. Makes it veryy hard to shoot well. Now If got that straightened out so I have more confidence about Next sundays competion. If I have the time between ends I'll post realtime scoring again so all my fans at home can keep up with action. LOL

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