Sunday, March 1, 2009

Practising indoors

Well here's a couple vids of my practice at my school.

Not sure if this is good form but I feel like I'm in line.

Sorry for the glaring lights. I'll remember to turn those around some how.

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Archery's Fun said...

Hey, i just sort of stumbled upon your blog. And saw your practise vids. Anywho i would like to make some slight comments on it. I don't want to seem rude but. Here it goes,

From pre-draw to pulling it to your anchor point, you tend to move your head up, maybe because it gives you a clear way to your anchor point, im just assuming. But something like that can give you inconsistency for shots. If you see videos from World Events (youtube archery tv) their heads are pretty much still, and move their draw arm accordingly.

So since it's still indoor season, it's a great time to work on keeping the head still and towards the target, and move your draw arm accordingly to your anchor point.

Also after your release you drop your bow arm, that causes few problems as well. Let's say if you mess up a shot with your release your bow arm is there to be able to help out. It still has a chance to hit the gold with a proper and straight bow arm. I had that problem before myself, what my coach has gotten me to do, was after every shot i would raise my bow arm up, instead of letting it drop. After a few ends she made me sit out a end or two and then continue shooting. It honestly makes a HUGE difference, my bow arm now does not drop down whatsoever.

In your case, you can try lifting your bow arm high up after each shot, then take a break and shoot again, and have a friend see if you are still dropping your arm or record yourself shooting.

Also you can always take off your V-bar system, and stabilizer to decrease the weight.

And you can also try to work out to keep your left side from dropping.

During your shot, you tend to sway back and forth, im not sure if you notice it. But a common problem could be that, your feet positioning could be an issue, or even you dont have much core strength to keep yourself still. This can cause a lot of problems especially outside, when you have to compensate for so many variables.

A way to stay still is to add more core exercises in your regiment.

Anyways, i hope it helps...i try to coach this at my school team, while shooting myself. (Im still in high school) But those are pretty much some of the main issues I have seen in your two videos.

Also if i may ask, what is your set up? Draw weight and length too.