Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3 submission to #zenveda

Hello Zenveda and KESveda vloggers. Once again I am making my submission at the  last minute.  I'll recap my training today and offer a simple idea I had to keep my group involved in my training day while allowing for  their varying levels of fitness/ interest.

Today I was joined by one  runner who prefers to train by PRE or Perceived Rate of Exertion. One less fit runner without a training goal and a walker with a mild injury.
My planned workout consisted of  a  warm-up of lunges followed by 20 minutes of easy walking. An exertion phase of 25 min running at my Target heart rate zone of 125-135 bpm and a cool down walk of 15 minutes totaling a total workout time of 1 hour. 
We started with about ten minutes of reflection/meditation after Which I asked the group to walk with me to a trail around a local wetland bird sanctuary where we started jogging. The trail is flat, away from traffic and offers some chance to see wildlife. I'll take you their tomorrow and show you around if you like. 

Anyways, we decided that we would continue at our own paces around the park for 10 min. And then about face and retrace our steps for 15 min after which we would  begin the 15 min cool-down walk.

We all arrived back at the start together inspire of our varying paces.  I'm looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. 
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