Thursday, August 20, 2015

#ZenVeda 19

It's National Aviation Day. Tell us about an interesting experience you had on a plane. 
Hi it’s me again and this is my contribution for August 19th and for National Aviation day I’ll tell you about an interesting experience I had on a plane.  Back in the old days when I was young and restless some friends and I decided to try sky diving.  We rode out to the airfield on our motorcycles.  After a 3 hour ground school and some practice jumps out of an old grounded Cessna we climbed aboard the real thing.  The pilot and jump master gave us another briefing on where to sit and how to move about the cabin so as not to push anyone out the door prematurely.  The engine was started and we taxied down the runway.  the engine roared and as we soared up off the runway we drowned out the sound of the engine with our shouts and hollers and yahoo’s .  The jump master asked what was going on and we told him this was our first flight.  

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