Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zv11 #zenveda

Hello Zenveda and KESveda Vloggers.  This is Keith from ROTWSOTR and this is my contribution for August 11 2015.

Let me begin by apologizing for being out of touch for the last several days.  I could explain how I was on Vancouver Island at a quiet provincial park enjoying roughing it with my family.  How I did have cellular connectivity but without a data plan the cost of uploading my submissions was beyond my budget. How I was loathe to abandon the family and to create my videos.  But those are all excuses and in my experience a sincere apology is worth more than a hat full of excuses.  So let me apologize and move on to today’s topic.  
What are you afraid of ? 
What are you doing to avoid what you are afraid of? 
What are you dong to face your fears? 

What am I personally afraid of?  On the surface, not much.  I ride motorcycles, ski, snowboard, SCUBA dive. I do late night long runs through boar infested forests alone as part of my evening commute.  
 I have even tried skydiving, jumping out of an airplane on my first ever flight. Then I did it again to prove it wasn’t a fluke.  Exhilerating activities but not really anything to be afraid of since the risks are well known and most can be reduced with common sense and due care and attention.  

What I am really afraid of is I suppose what everyone is afraid of.  The Unknown…. The imposing “what if…”  The "If tomorrow never comes.”  Will my family be provided for?   

I avoid this fear by living in the present and never thinking about "what if”.  

The way I am confronting my fears is by opening dialogs with my family about the big topics. Insurance, funerals plans, estate management, RRSP’s RESP’s CPP’s TFSA’s and hundreds of other acronym’s that scare the tar out of me.  But you know what, once you start talking about those things its kind of fun. Maybe its nothing to be afraid of after all.  

Thanks for bearing with me,  

See you again soon, 

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