Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1 week in??

Saturday and Sunday are hard days to find the time to shoot so I guess I'll call them rest days. Saturday is a busy day for work and Sunday was family day. We went to the auto show and after that to a restaurant. Everyone at the restaurant and the auto show and everywhere else we go tells me how cute my little girl is and how big her eyes are. It's flattering and annoying all at the same time. I am proud of her and love her very much but, as much as she attracts people and makes them smile, she forces them to point out the fact that she is a "half". At the restaurant one of the staff thought we were a nice family and told us she thought I seemed like a nice daddy. Then she told us that Japanese husbands are not as nice with they're kids and stuff. That's supposed to be a compliment I guess but it seems to me more like a complaint. I thought about how hearing that must make Kaz feel. Her dad is Japanese and so are all her cousins. Is that lady saying they are all uncaring fathers. Perhaps the fault lies not with the dads being uncooperative but with the moms being over controlling. OK that's enough about the weekend.

Today, Monday, I went to the range in Nagoya and tried an indoor round. 60 arrows at 18m on vertical three spots. 1st round was 252 and the second was 245 for 497. Not great but I did have two stupid misses that would have been 5's on a single spot and could have been 10's as easily as any of the others. I know I'm being optimistic but let's call it a positive attitude.
Some of the shots felt really good today. There were three other guys at the range today. Older fellas they seemed to be impressed with my shots. One of the guys is the head of the Aichi archery association. He was all mouth about how it's better to buy target archery gear in Japan because in the US they only shoot compound for hunting. I just held my tongue and kept shooting all the gear I ordered from the states that would have cost me twice what I paid had I bought it in Japan. It was good concentration practise to have those guys there babbling while I shot though since that's probably my weakest point.

Tomorrow(actually today) if I can get out to shoot I'll try to get some pics of the nice clean fletches I put on last night. Gotta love those Duravanes.

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