Friday, January 30, 2009

Now I did it...

Ouch, what the heck was that?
My plans of glory at the next indoor tournament may have been crushed! Yeterday after practice I had(and still have) muscle pain in my left forearm. From the shooting position it's the muscle that runs over the top from my wrist. It doesn't seem to hurt when I am shooting the bow but when I grip an arrow to pull it from the matt I sure feel it.
I know, I know R.I.C.E right? Well I'll take the day off tomorrow and hope I'm fresh for Sunday. I have confidence in my equipment and technique. I just need to keep my bow arm up after the shot and I'll be ok.

Aside from that, my wife and I are addicted to TV dramas. We've been through "24", "Alias", "Heroes", "4400", and now we are into "LOST" I think they call it LOST because that's what happens to your time when you watch it.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying again

Anonymous said...

Take care of that arm.! I have a bad shoulder & it's taking a long time to get better. R.I.C.E. is good. they tell me.
Good Luck at the Tournament.