Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm back Baby !!

Now that's better.
Yesterday I managed 60 arrows and was strugling to say the least. Untill the last 6 arrows. I tried just pulling the bow without turning my head to the target. Draw to the centre of my chin and try to keep my shoulders level. Did that a few times and then ripped off two nice ends.
Today I went out and had a good afternoon and even got a few in the 50's. This evening I hit one perfect 30 and surprised the heck out of Mr. K.
I'm feeling more and more confident now that I can get in to the 500's. As long as I get two 8's and a nine on every end I am shooting 25's so thats 500. Every ten and 2nd nine I get just makes it easier.
My Personal best for 18 meters is 528 if I am going for 530 this time it means an average of 8.8 so I'm going to need a fair number of tens. Phew.


Kazoo said...

Good for you!!
Keep doing a good work.

Kisukun said...

Thanks Kazoo, you too!